Dentist In Santa Clarita

Dentist in Santa Clarita

Dr Hattar Is an affordable dentist in Santa Clarita, Practicing Dentistry since 1994, graduated from one of the highly recognized dental schools in the world, university of Southern California(USC), Formal Teaching Assistant in USC. Our family dentistry is specialized in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry

Stoney Creek dental office key beliefs:

One is that we want our patients to feel comfortable about visiting the dentist, and starts with an ongoing

relationship with dentist. The better we know you the more we can allay your fears of the unknown.

The second, is to provide you with the highest quality dental care you need by employing two import elements ;

​Highly skilled dentists and Staff, and caring attitude.

We are proud to hold true to those beliefs! Come and meet our talented dentists and wonderful staff today.

While  you may never be thrilled about any dental visit, we can help you become comfortable in the dentist's chair.